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Motivational Speaking 

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Move Toward Your Goals

Get ready to move and progress towards your goals and achievements when walking beside Markeith Price. As a Paralympic athlete, and entrepreneur, founder and president of I C You foundations, he has created a unique perspective of what it takes to be successful. While he is out there training hard to win medals, Markeith gives back to his community and inspires people to achieve their goals. Brighten your day and make the choice to be motivated, and imagine yourself at your absolute best!


Creating a plan for you starts with you. Tell Markeith what your goals are and what your looking for when it comes to reaching success? He will custom and tailor his presentation to your specific need. Presentation can be tailor for individuals or groups.

Who IS Markeith 

Markeith Price started his careers as professional track and field athlete in 2012 and has been running track for 20 years. He has many accomplishment in the sport of track and field from making the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games to major Paralympic world championships. He was a finalist in both the London 2012 Paralympic and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Markeith has always enjoy competing in sports. But there was a point where Markeith support system did not know if he would be able to play sports. He was born with a rare disorder called optic nerve atrophy. Which means his optic nerves where not fully developed. But Markeith and his support system choose to push pass the unknowns. Through the years Markeith has overcome many challenge as being visually impaired/ blind through education to athletic accomplishments to navigating the world one day at a time.


Markeith has graduated from Tennessee State University with his B.S in family consumer science with a concentration in fashion merchandising. While Markeith professional Athletic career continues he always had a spirit to give back. So in 2013 he create the I C You Foundation which give’s back to the visually impaired/ Blind Community by providing resources and scholarships. He saw there was a need for more resource in the visually impaired community. He has always had a big heart in his journey in life.


The journey of life has reveal many things to Markeith. As the challenges that life present as being visually impaired/ blind through having lack of reliable transportation to walking and navigating different environments on foot to hearing the challenges that others around him have been having. He has identified some key problem that individuals are having. Everyone at some point in their life looses motivation and inspiration as well as feeling. Of purpose. Peaple also get lost when it comes to dealing with the mind body and spirit. Markeith has identify some solutions which is a holistic approach to tackle these problem. Which means taking care of the mind body and spirit in different ways of therapy.


Markeith life’s work is to be able to uplift and encourage all people through good times and tough times. His goals are to create different ways to help encourage others. Markeith wants to have a wellness center to help others. He hopes to become  a man of many trades to help grow his work and skills and continue to learn about talk therapy and other methods of therapy. Ultimately he wants to spread the skills that he gain’s over time and the work God has give to him to give to others.


The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.


The process of being mentally stimulation to do or feel something especially to do something creative.


Firmness of purpose; Resoluteness.


A thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.